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I was born not so long ago…

Brief summary:

  • Created “American da Vinci” moniker
  • Created and executed a world-record number of simultaneous exhibitions (160+)
  • Reorganized the USPS database tracking system — the database database
  • 7th or 17th (I don’t remember which) in my high school class of 720
  • Play multiple musical instruments, sing, and compose
  • Attended US Naval Academy for the first year (GPA of 3.4 or 3.7 — again, I forget) and decided to move on. “What are you going to do, manage McDonald’s?” was not an adequate incentive to stay. A little too much emphasis on appearance and not enough man-in-the-mirror for me.
  • Eagle Scout
  • Married 24 years, father of 3

Something of which I am increasingly aware:

How many days I have left.

Keeping track of how many days I have left on the planet is a very practical business to me. Aspiring for a grip on reality helps in all my decision making. I’ve found ignoring salient facts in one area tends to engender self deception in all the others.

I’ll share more about me as time permits.