Delusions of Adequacy

picture of toddler in a superman suit

My greatest trouble comes from thinking that I am up to a project when, in fact, I have to change significantly for it to succeed. This perspective is not to be confused with low self esteem or some other dysfunction in confidence. Freedom and growth are only available when reality — or at least the next manifest level of reality — is the backdrop.

Many like to say we create our own reality. I used to think so, too. However, research (mine) shows that the number of facts of existence over which we have absolutely no influence is far beyond our ability to comprehend. Our lives are a dance with the universe, not a reign of control over it.

The three most dangerous words: “I got this.”

Time Investment

The Investment of Time

The only asset* is human time. It follows that, individually, our days are our only raw, natural resource. Here is the system we are now employing for making decisions about how time is invested.

  • Every period of time to invest is reviewed before it begins
  • Each review is of a duration and happens within a window according to the following table.
  • Period Review Duration Review Window
    Day 5-15 minutes 6 hours
    Week 45-60 minutes 1 day (Sunday)
    Month 3 hours 3 days
    Quarter 4-5 hours 4 days
    Year 2 days 1 week
  • In situations where review windows overlap (e.g. Sunday weekly review and Monday review), the review of the longer period happens before the window of the shorter opens.

*I’ll discuss money in another post — or I already have.

Forks over Knives

We saw Forks over Knives just recently. If you haven’t, I’d recommend it — particularly if you eat. My only hesitancy is the tendency we have to take good information and create another “ism” or raise yet another sharp-worded debate. Simple guidelines that don’t pretend to provide all the answers is as good as it gets. We all need a chance to live our own lives in light of contributions from others.

I’m better off for having seen this movie. I would appreciate your thoughts.



We cannot be kind to others unless we are kind to ourselves. We cannot be kind to ourselves unless we are kind to others.

Which comes first?

Graduation of the Class of 2011

It was an emotional evening. Hailey has been blessed by one of the most wonderful set of friends imaginable. A very rare group of individuals. We’re also grateful for the relationships she formed with several special teachers.

Hailey Nowacek and Mr. Reid

Senior Hailey Nowacek is honored for being the Number One Student, what Heights High calls its valedictorian. Credit: Roadell Hickman


Hailey Nowacek with award
Credit: Roadell Hickman

It doesn’t take much

My daughter passed her driver’s test a couple of days ago — along with thousands of others. I learned something from the process: she didn’t need me very much. She quietly stated what she felt would help: some likeness of the course. I could do that. I rummaged and found the “pylons” (above) and a couple bottles of windshield wiper fluid (because we only had 3 pails). No lecture. No backseat driving. No “teaching”.

In the end, all we can really do is to facilitate experiences. We can’t teach anything. We can have the privilege of being there when it happens.

What a privilege it is.


For the past several years, I’ve been trying to support the instrumental music department at my alma mater, Cleveland Heights High School. Whether I’ve helped or not depends on who you ask. Whether I should keep trying or not also depends upon who you ask. I’ve learned a bunch about people in my attempts.

Regardless, the IMD got me through high school — plain and simple. If it wasn’t for that community, I have no idea where I’d be. Going by the Latin meaning of the phrase, instead of the whole high school, the IMD was my alma mater. I’m going to keep trying to be helpful. Giving back how I express my gratitude.

Here’s the website I created and maintain. This is its third incarnation. I hope it lasts a little while. The greatest work is not the technical stuff though. It’s always about the people.

Ah, Prom Night



Not to break the spirit of the adventure, my wife, well past midnight, comes into the living room and says, “I’m really glad we got a chance to clean. I want to keep going.”

There wasn’t anyone else in the room so guess she was talking to me.