Maybe I Should Read More Magazines?

cover from Experience Life March 2011
Magazine taking up space on my floor

As I was getting off the treadmill this morning, I happened to see the cover of the Experience Life magazine on the floor.

GET IT DONE! 6 Strategies to Accomplish More of What Matters. p. 54

I’ve seen hundreds of these leads. I’ve never felt comfortable with them. Why? Why wouldn’t everybody in their right mind, given the words in the lead, pick up this magazine? Wouldn’t I be stupid not to? Is that why I don’t like them? I see the title and I feel stupid? Shouldn’t everyone be reading this article or the thousands like it out there? If they are, why is everyone still feeling so behind? If they haven’t, can they help but feeling stupid? Maybe I’m alone in this dunce feeling.

Maybe I should take the statement a piece at a time.

If I’m not getting “it” done, isn’t it my fault if I haven’t read the article? How is it that Lifetime Fitness has the answers I don’t? Do they have experts on getting it done? Does someone have a degree in get-ology or it-ology or both? More to the point, how do I know what “it” is that I ought to be getting done? Is that clear? Do they know something I don’t?

Does Lifetime Fitness know “what matters” better than I do? Should I take their words seriously? Am I being too literal? Where’s the line? I didn’t know what was behind my sense of discomfort. Without knowing, is anyone else suffering like this? Are articles like this creating the stress they purport to address?

This isn’t going anywhere. Is that why it gives me the creeps? And I feel awful – like after I eat a fast food meal. Maybe I would be happier if I just turned the magazine over next time.

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