Oak Noggin

Oak Noggin Keeping Room

Last night, to celebrate our 24th anniversary, we checked not into a bed and breakfast but into the 18th century. As I write, I’m guarded by hand-hewn log walls, sitting in a rough-cut chair, supported by creaky pine-plank floors, warmed by a oak-fired cooking hearth, and serenaded by a songbird. A picture of young George Washington sits beside a punched tin lantern on the mantle. We’re waiting for breakfast. It’s being brought to us in a basket at the kitchen dutch door.

A very dedicated, busy couple made it possible. Both working and with 4 kids, somehow they decided to buy two log homes and combine them to create a bed & breakfast. They’ve really created a live-in museum.

Thanks, Betty and Dale. Their Oak Noggin Bed & Breakfast is wonderful.

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