Preface from “The Accomplishment of the Viktor Schreckengost Studios”

This document is a catalog of the activities and achievements of the Viktor Schreckengost Studios from June of 2002 through August of 2009. The unstated and admittedly unmeasurable objective in all of the work of the Studios and the Foundation (as currently constituted) during this period was:

“Do good things for the legacy of Viktor Schreckengost.”

The breadth and depth of this initial phase of work was wildly experimental and tremendously diverse. We are unaware of any efforts of this magnitude undertaken in hopes of just “getting a feel for things.” Highlights include:

  • Presidential Medal
  • Digital catalog with greater than 60,000-records, 7,000 images, and 7,000 serial numbers
  • National exhibition with a record-breaking 160+ venues participating displaying well above 890 pieces.

Please note that, during this prolonged startup phase, turning a profit never was a stated
organizational objective. That will likely change in the near future. I’m counting on it. Many
people are counting on it.

Anyway, the most important section of this document starts in the next section – the
acknowledgements. The impact of the legacy of Viktor Schreckengost can only be measure by the difference it makes in the lives of people – individuals. And, as the acknowledgements show, even the smallest of efforts gives rise to a tremendous outpouring of support for this “American da Vinci.” The names of the people and organizations touched by Dad’s genius is only a small representation of his overall impact.

He has and continues to touch the lives of millions whether measured in improvements in quality of life or in dollars (greater than $250B at last count).

And I believe we’ve only seen the beginning.

Thank your for taking the time to learn a little bit more about the work Viktor Schreckengost continues to inspire. Along with everyone else, I have felt honored and humbled to be a part of this legacy as it continues to grow. Once touched, no one is ever the same.

This record is dedicated to everyone who moved the work of Viktor Schreckengost forward.

“Yeah, Man!”

(the announcement of and the links to the complete document can be found here)

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