Surprised Again

My local library is very popular. I often work in one of the rooms they make available to the public. If I arrive late, they’re usually full and I have to set up a stakeout.

Today, as a door to one of the occupied rooms opened, I got up hoping to grab it. The guy well-dressed was just coming out to, I don’t know, wink at the librarian or go to the bathroom or something. But he saw me stand up and look his way. “You want the room?”, he asked. He didn’t have his stuff in his hands; he wasn’t intending to leave. I said I was fine, thank you and I would just continue waiting. After giving me several options for where I might set up shop, he asked, “Why don’t you just take the room I have? I’ll use the one downstairs.” I told him I had forgotten about that other space and that I was grateful for the suggestion. He said, “It’s fine” and without another word turned back into the room, picked up his stuff, and left.

Beyond a stammered thank you, I didn’t know what to say. I still don’t. There may be 1000 interpretations of his actions — and I can’t get past my own: people care, people are generous, people go out of their way for others. Yes, there is much wrong with the human race. And a friend once told me that we get what we cheer lead. There are many people in the world I can’t help cheering. I met another one today. They’re all around us. You’re probably one yourself. I hope I’ll get to meet you someday.

I’m sure you have something I want (grin).

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