Time Investment

The Investment of Time

The only asset* is human time. It follows that, individually, our days are our only raw, natural resource. Here is the system we are now employing for making decisions about how time is invested.

  • Every period of time to invest is reviewed before it begins
  • Each review is of a duration and happens within a window according to the following table.
  • Period Review Duration Review Window
    Day 5-15 minutes 6 hours
    Week 45-60 minutes 1 day (Sunday)
    Month 3 hours 3 days
    Quarter 4-5 hours 4 days
    Year 2 days 1 week
  • In situations where review windows overlap (e.g. Sunday weekly review and Monday review), the review of the longer period happens before the window of the shorter opens.

*I’ll discuss money in another post — or I already have.

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