To Avi Bryant about DabbleDB

dabbledb logoAvi,

Though I want to continue to be a fan, it’s too painful. I wanted to believe that Smalltalk could help things progress. Yet, regardless, DabbleDB is gone. It’s like watching Einstein throw away his papers. Like so many in this world, another child is abandoned and dead from exposure. Frequency does not, however, mitigate tragedy. To see brilliance discarded will always be disheartening — particularly to those who understand what is being cast away. Never mind that I simply can’t do the design work I need to get done. No, there’s no other database system on the planet that can take DabbleDB’s place. I’ve about used them all.

I hope it was worth it. You had other options. I’m deeply sorry you took this path. It appears I am poor judge of many things.

Chip Nowacek

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