It doesn’t take much

My daughter passed her driver’s test a couple of days ago — along with thousands of others. I learned something from the process: she didn’t need me very much. She quietly stated what she felt would help: some likeness of the course. I could do that. I rummaged and found the “pylons” (above) and a couple bottles of windshield wiper fluid (because we only had 3 pails). No lecture. No backseat driving. No “teaching”.

In the end, all we can really do is to facilitate experiences. We can’t teach anything. We can have the privilege of being there when it happens.

What a privilege it is.

Ah, Prom Night



Not to break the spirit of the adventure, my wife, well past midnight, comes into the living room and says, “I’m really glad we got a chance to clean. I want to keep going.”

There wasn’t anyone else in the room so guess she was talking to me.

Take 6


These guys are in a class all by themselves. No one knows how to categorize them. Record stores don’t know where to put their albums. iTunes can’t make up its mind. If you listen, you’ll never be the same.

The are extraordinary. A definition of excellence.