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What’s a LifeSite™? Most websites are specialized. A LifeSite is about wholeness. Expect a mess. I don’t buy into the neat-and-tidy model of human experience. I’m more about growth and the <a href=wabi-sabi life that it produces.

Over time, I will create new (and update existing) ways that highlight specific threads in my life’s tapestry. What is interesting to you might not be readily available yet. Don’t sweat it. A LifeSite isn’t about having it all figured out for either of us. Contact me directly and we can talk about your interests. I prefer that anyway:


Here’s the post that introduces this incarnation of this site: Personal Coherence and Integration. It gives a little more background into the nature of a LifeSite as I currently understand it.

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Personal Coherence and Integration


Life is changing again. Making decisions based on a compartmentalized life and the management of perception and perspective is increasingly exhausting. Yes, yes; of course I’m interested in multiple perspectives, those of others and myself. Every relationship and my various areas of work each require unique perspective. Yes, I understand specialization and focus. Of course we have to be useful to one another. That’s all swell — and life’s abundance has made piecemeal management too crazy. In other words, I do love the trees; the forest needs space too. Indeed the trees are comprehended by the forest and are better for it.


So therefore what? Well, in a manner of speaking, I’m heading home.

I launched this site (chip.nowacek.net) 7 years ago as an experiment. I’m changing it’s role. For now, I’m making it home base. As it gets cleaned up and developed, it is to be an integration point, a place where a coherence of my existence is allowed. It’s about my comprehensive dance with this short experience we call life. It will allow my details to distill into whatever they happen to distill into.

Outside of me, no one will be interested in all I have been, am now, and may yet become. Even so, I will put some effort into cross referencing what all of this becomes in hopes of making it useful and interesting from different perspectives. I’ll try anyway, erroring to the side of healing. I don’t want the pieces of life living separate lives. When seen together the pixels suggest larger images. Those mysterious emerging vistas are thrilling to me.

Trees and forest. Both.

MetroWest, Florida, United States of America