My Holy Ground

What is there to honor? My fascination with the unknown, the promise of emergence where the past meets the future right in front of us. For me, career cannot be shackled by the distinctions that divide work from whatever it’s divided from. Life is work. That I help wealthy families and those who hope to support them makes sense right now. It will only continue to make sense to the extent that it is an honoring of my holy ground of the unknown in human life and development.

Chip Nowacek


The most natural, socially-acceptable thing to do around miserable human beings is to be miserable.

Delusions of Adequacy

picture of toddler in a superman suit

My greatest trouble comes from thinking that I am up to a project when, in fact, I have to change significantly for it to succeed. This perspective is not to be confused with low self esteem or some other dysfunction in confidence. Freedom and growth are only available when reality — or at least the next manifest level of reality — is the backdrop.

Many like to say we create our own reality. I used to think so, too. However, research (mine) shows that the number of facts of existence over which we have absolutely no influence is far beyond our ability to comprehend. Our lives are a dance with the universe, not a reign of control over it.

The three most dangerous words: “I got this.”

Graduation of the Class of 2011

It was an emotional evening. Hailey has been blessed by one of the most wonderful set of friends imaginable. A very rare group of individuals. We’re also grateful for the relationships she formed with several special teachers.

Hailey Nowacek and Mr. Reid

Senior Hailey Nowacek is honored for being the Number One Student, what Heights High calls its valedictorian. Credit: Roadell Hickman


Hailey Nowacek with award
Credit: Roadell Hickman