Welcome to our coaching work. The coaching work we do together is unlike any other in the world, unique to you and me.

If you need or want to know more about what it means for us, call me.

Types of Coaching

Below are the types of coaching I am interested in doing at this point. If you have a special interest not listed below and want explore your needs together, choose "Just Coaching" for your work.
Coaching TypeDescription
Just CoachingFinding out what coaching you want is often an exercise in coaching. We go on a walkabout together.
Financial Objective
While it can be the only focus, financial objective coaching is most often rolled into other coaching types. Coaching has to be a good investment in all areas, right? I have a keen ear for having coaching better than pay for itself — and sometimes a financial goal can get in the way. We'll see.
ExecutiveCoaching around executive effectiveness. If many depend on your insight, flexibility, responsiveness for their livelihoods and products and services they depend on, start here.
Long-term RelationshipOh the challenges associated with relationships! In every case, it is a A Tale of Two People. Long-term relationships are the adventures of a lifetime. Can be done individually or as a relationship. May or may not be marriage, business partners, neighbors, relatives.
Weight LossSecond to air, you needed food when you arrived on the planet. Ready to explore what's going on with food and weight?
High Net WorthTake long-term relationships (above), make them lifetime in length, create a network of them, and add the amplifying dynamics of big assets.
MedicalNot taking clients here yet. When I do, we deal with the challenges around the paradigm-changing events medical issues bring to life.
Special Needs ParentingBeing a parent of a special needs child is (not can be) an experience few understand. That isolation is both insidious and devastating. Don't go it alone. Whether you work with me or someone else, again, don't go it alone. DON'T GO IT ALONE.
Spirituality and ReligionRelying on one's religion to meet one's spiritual needs can, over time, leave many of those needs unmet. I can help you sort that out.

Standard Rates


The charge will come from “Two Stewards, LLC

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